Pretty much hate mountain biking.

Of Course They Did.



Cannonade just released their updated Lefty fork and it’s a single crown version.



Which looks like this:


And feels like this:


And begs:



But good for Cannonade still doing whacky shit after all these years from the Fulcrum DH bike with more chainz than your average rapper, to the Gemini with two shocks, to the triathlon bike with a roller blade shoe for a front wheel. Throw enough shit at the wall and maybe someday something will stick and really revolutionize the way we make and ride bikes. Until then, I’m going to stick with forks over struts that really don’t have that much stiction and don’t roast front hub bearings in twenty minutes.

Change, Always Change.



So we’re going to be doing Super Boost Plus now? Why not just skip ahead to Mega Deluxe Boost Advance? It’s a 750mm width hub that is great for plus bikes, 29ers, downhill, xc, 4x, and recumbents.

Well, one thing you can count on still being good to party by then will be trusty old ISCG05.


What a treat that you can still use that if you want to.


Sprung 6.



Forgot to move this from the drafts into published, whoops.

Loved seeing something of a longer format from the greatest.

Really hoping there will be more of this from the season because this was the tops. All those kids bombing the hill at max speed is automatically on the list for highlights of the year in mountain bike media.

Hail, Alex Rankin!

Another Ellsworth Owner. Oh Boy.



Can you believe that it took BST Synergy Nano only 3.5 years to figure out that purchasing Ellsworth is the cycling world equivalent of buying a haunted children’s doll at a spooky estate sale and then wondering why nothing in your life is going to plan and dead bodies keep coming out of the walls and floors of your home? Maybe they figured it out sooner, and they have just had a hard time finding someone else to foist the brand on.

Enter ASG International, a company with a website featuring a flash animation style intro from the same bygone geologic era as the last time anyone might have mistaken Ellsworth bikes for something tolerable. Woof.


You think maybe the horror was over but it just keeps being coming back again and again.


Should have listened to the “kill me” message.






Jonathan Taylor Greenland?

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The Truth Is.



Sea Otter is full of gems that could easily skip past your radar due to the much more fun thing of watching rims get beat like a drum on a college campus on 4/20 at the Croatian world cup.

There’s that aluminum hardtail that, while made by Frank The Welder, is nearly $7000 and somehow this is the better business plan than the company’s failed kickstarter project from a few years back.

There’s the full suspension gravel bike from Niner- the perfect bike for both roadies who just can’t bring themselves to buy a mountain bike and mountain bikers who just can’t bring themselves to buy a road bike, who all want a bike that compromises on everything.

But oh boy, Ellsworth, the lowest hanging fruit on the hate tree, has grunted, gritted their teeth, and pushed out their new turd.


The truth is that the people who will buy this bike are the same ones who have purchased any Ellsworth for the last decade- rich old white dudes who will skid upright through every turn back to their audi in the parking lot to put this thing on a Kuat rack and drive home to their 6000 square foot McMansion in the ‘burbs occupied by their sexually disappointed wife to eat corn flakes with skim milk. So it doesn’t matter how flexy the back end is, what tire size it clears, how many minutes before it cracks, or for that matter, what it costs. None of those things are of concern to the Ellsworth customer.

Back to World Cup fun.

“Push 10 Inches”



More like push this whole idea into the dumpster, right next to similar product concepts.



Bikes That Can Vote.



Look at this bike that is going to be old enough to vote this year:


It was amazing for its time. It had 33% as many ‘shocks’ as a Yeti SB bike does today. It had a carbon swingarm (and the top model had a carbon fork) where a bunch of bikes today are going with aluminum chainstays. It had like 80-100mm of travel or something crazy. It came with pedals that perform better than anything Crank Brothers has offered in the company’s history.

It weighed about 30 pounds. Your only options were rock hard compound tires that would pinch flat if you looked at them funny- probably because they were mounted on rims that were so skinny that Sally Struthers would have tried to feed them bags of UN grain. It had an interrupted seat tube that gave you roughly one inch of drop ability before chopping your shock in half. It had a fork that dove like it was working at Casa Bonita on a Friday night. It came with a stem that was too long and bars that were too narrow. It was something like $3000 at the time.

When you hold it up to the spotlight of today’s measures, this bike sucks shit.

It’s easy to complain about the sea of bottom bracket standards, hub standards, and headset standards, and whatever hilarious shit some butthole engineer overthought this week because it’s immediate. Lord, save us from 28.99mm spindle diameters! Buddha why hath you forsaken us to a life where Boost front hubs exist?! (Insert whatever religious icon, who cares), why do you continue to allow Knolly to exist and put DH hubs on trail bikes with inside out chainrings as if that’s something cool?

But you know what? That primordial goop of stupid evolutionary dead ends has crapped out some stuff that undeniably works. Ditching flippers for feet has made land-life less horrible in the long run. Pick literally ANY trail bike from (almost) ANY brand off the sales floor (or online direct-to-consumer webpage) and spend $4600, about the same amount after adjusting for inflation in 1997 bucks, and you’ll get a carbon framed trail bike with a dropper post that has possibly as much travel as that ProFlex did on both ends combined, wider tires that are made of sticky rubber, brakes that work, and suspension that won’t pitch you neck first into the dirt for no good reason. It will weigh about 30 pounds and will go faster in both directions on the hill than the old bike by a bonkers margin.

The old thing sucks now, but you didn’t know it sucked a couple decades ago because you didn’t know anything else. You rode what you had and you fixed it when it broke, and you had so much fun on the damn thing that you got hooked on riding bikes hard enough to still be doing it over 20 years later despite literally everything else in your stupid life being different. You still bitch about parts, and companies, and standards because something has to be the scapegoat for why you’re terrible at riding. The mountain bike industry sucks a lot of the time in the moment, but mountain biking will always be pretty god damn fun.

When it comes to bikes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Moving Stills



We can all get behind some ADD/Raw stuff because that’s fun as hell, but not many folks are doing the kind of video work where basically every frame is also a good still photo.

Also, this is a good example of the fact that a good shooter can pull their best material from a year and it’s still under two minutes of stuff in slow motion.

Great shots take time.





Probably the most impressive thing about this video is how Vink is able to keep his knees tucked together through flight despite clearly having freakish, mumps-infected, circus sized balls.


And yes, we are aware of how balls are fragile and the opposite of how “having balls” is used in common language. But the joke doesn’t work without perpetuating the obsolete concept. SUE US.