Pretty much hate mountain biking.

Month: February, 2016




All the flips and tailspins and barspins and fancy pants’ed video game trickery in the world still don’t entertain me as much as an old fashioned wheelie/manual.

Most bike videos lose me after 7 seconds while this compilation had me smiling my stupid ass off for 7 minutes.

Maybe because instead of looking like he’s at work, he looks like he’s having fun?

It’s like how I’m impressed by Gee Atherton’s dedication to being an amazing racer, but what I still cling to is the shot of him bunny hopping his dh bike into the back of that shitty shuttle truck in Earthed 1.

It’s the weekend, go have some fun.




Sure we could have posted something about how our pants are full of fear-farts after watching Marcelo’s urban race run in the wet:


And sure we could have posted something critiquing excessive turn-baring in an otherwise fun enough looking trail video:


But why go for that higher concept stuff when there’s this low hanging fruit, bleach-in-your-eyes, lose faith in humanity video of some boner┬árollerblading on the north shore:


Do you know what the hardest part of riding roller blades on bike trails is?

Curating your overly coiffed hair into looking like you aren’t trying sooooo hard:

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.51.14 AM