Pretty much hate mountain biking.

Phil Is Rad.




Writing In A Bike Video.



This is easily the best bike video ever made featuring a 2010 Santa Cruz Nomad.


If you’re going to bother having voice over in a web video these days, take a note from this and put some effort into it. Have someone write for your video. And not just someone who took a creative writing class at a community college as pass/fail for credits. Like get someone who can write. It’s worth it.

Congrats to the filmmakers who had me sit through an entire video from Diamondback, something I never would have thought possible.




All the flips and tailspins and barspins and fancy pants’ed video game trickery in the world still don’t entertain me as much as an old fashioned wheelie/manual.

Most bike videos lose me after 7 seconds while this compilation had me smiling my stupid ass off for 7 minutes.

Maybe because instead of looking like he’s at work, he looks like he’s having fun?

It’s like how I’m impressed by Gee Atherton’s dedication to being an amazing racer, but what I still cling to is the shot of him bunny hopping his dh bike into the back of that shitty shuttle truck in Earthed 1.

It’s the weekend, go have some fun.




Sure we could have posted something about how our pants are full of fear-farts after watching Marcelo’s urban race run in the wet:


And sure we could have posted something critiquing excessive turn-baring in an otherwise fun enough looking trail video:


But why go for that higher concept stuff when there’s this low hanging fruit, bleach-in-your-eyes, lose faith in humanity video of some boner rollerblading on the north shore:


Do you know what the hardest part of riding roller blades on bike trails is?

Curating your overly coiffed hair into looking like you aren’t trying sooooo hard:

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.51.14 AM

Citation Needed.



Look, be cautious of where you are getting your information in life. If you see something on wikipedia and no source is cited, maybe it’s not information you should put in your school book report.

Similarly, if this boner:


Says Gwin is on YT next year, take it with a grain of salt this big:


Because the guy also said (paraphrasing) “Bolt on grips? What a fad. What’s next, bolt on tires? No one will be using these things in a year.”


Seems like the tea leaves and chicken bones were wrong for him on that prophecy.

So what if Gwin is riding for YT next year? Who cares. Are you going to buy one because he gets paid to ride it? Or are you going to swear off the brand’s bikes because Gwin races those? If that’s the criteria for how you go bike shopping, then you are a dipshit.

And maybe Gwin does end up riding for YT next year- and Zap was right:


We’re looking forward to the race season starting just so there’s actual news to read about and we can stop treading water in a sea of Fox News commentary.

Drone Strikes.



Who wants to start a betting pool with us on when the first mountain bike racer gets taken out by a drone strike in 2016? Aka, some dumb Cheeto fingered kid with a  rich daddy who got a Phantom for Christmas flies it right into a race course while trying to collect clips for a sick “web edit” of like Fontana or some equally trashy looking location.

Thanks, Obama.



Cultural Appropriation.



Here we see Phil Atwill, giving us all a good reason to never buy a used bike from Phil Atwill, in a video featuring a pasty white guy from the UK set to ironic traditional intro music swapped out for more contemporary British punk music once the gag is over less than ten seconds in.

Highly entertaining.

Here we see Logan Binggeli being an incredibly talented bike rider while dressing, if not literally then certainly metaphorically/emotionally in blackface, to try and sell any KHS bikes set to music that has nothing to do with Southern Utah and the gag goes on for 5+ more minutes.


For some reason, this starts out with a tracking push into Kevin Aiello’s bike. The stock footage of Logan’s bike was out of the budget due to licensing for the music.

Image of Logan courtesy of Fraser Britton:


At least in this video we get some inclination that Logan realized there is nothing gangster about riding a bike really fast and that the reality of his embodiment of the spirit of Ice Cube is more the present day Cube.


So it’s not really serious but it also doesn’t really work.

Highly forgettable.

Swing And A Miss.



The reason for no posts lately has been a couple of things. First, we lost the login to the blog. Just couldn’t remember it.

Second, why hate mountain biking when you can just hate yourself, right? It’s so much more effective to hate yourself and skip the middleman of mountain biking. The world doesn’t need more scapegoats. Straight to the source is a cleaner path.

That being said, we do hate this video of Hans Rey and Steve Peat and Some Other Guy riding across Iceland.


It turns out that you can’t simply take a couple heroes of the sport, plop them down into a beautiful location, point some cameras at them, sprinkle some aerials around, hit record, and get gold.

There is more story in a fortune cookie than there was in this video.

And I’m not saying that every Iceland video ever needs to have a score lifted from Bjork or Sigur Ros but god damn, this was some truly garbage music for the scenery and vibe of the riding.

Compare to the Yeti video with the more obvious post-rock style song and see which video holds your interest better.


The 10 minute video with living legends of the sport? Or the 5 minute video with the relative no-body?  (No offense to the Sam guy)

There’s a better Hans + Big Name + Cool Location video that you can watch here and it’s almost 20 years old.


Turns out one can screw up a sure thing and make me yawn at a Hans/Peat video enough to make me dig up the login to a long forgotten blog and spew about it.

Your Team.


Good luck.


A Real Head Turner.


That new Turner RFX is, by far, the best looking Giant Reign to date.