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Month: August, 2015

Old Is New.


RST is making a new inverted fork for enduro and trail riding. This is… shocking news… (get it?!) as we were completely unaware that RST was still a company. So congrats to them for their continued existence!


We hope that they have carried valuable information from their previous foray into the inverted fork market with the Mozo XXL to apply to this new fork.


And it seems that they have indeed with this photo demonstrating the “And This Shit Just Broke Right Off Technology” … Can’t wait to see how it rides!


Note- yeah, no shit, that’s how the through axle design works, it just looks like the thing broke in his hand to us. It’s a joke. You know, like… jokes? 



Crossing the street is dangerous. Stepping into the shower can be dangerous. Driving down the highway is dangerous. Not chewing your food thoroughly is dangerous. But most mountain biking is really pretty safe.

Next time you think you’re risking your life by going “hard” out into a handful of rocks left behind by the IMBA trail sweeping crew on your local trails, remember that those big tires, strong brakes, and heaps of suspension will probably bail your ass out just fine.

Also, you and me and everyone you know is a delicate little scrotum compared to Drew:

How Schwalbe names their tires




Clean Whistle.


You know what’s cooler than doing copy-cat trials on a road bike?

Doing trials on a trials bike.

You know what’s cooler than doing trials on a trials bike?

Riding like Ali C.