Pretty much hate mountain biking.

Month: July, 2012

This Happened.

And it can’t un-happen now. Or did it? Who cares. Isn’t Boulder supposed to be full of weirdos like that anyway? If so, I’ll keep that on my list of places to never visit.

Boulder Cyclist receives 2 year ban from UCI

If you are too lazy to click a link and read a couple hundred word article, here’s the recap: some lady got caught for doping using EPO and testosterone so that she could crank out crazy Strava times on common commutes. Also, she got caught trying to trade sex for EPO outside of a shitty chemical plant.

Good lord.


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Hope everyone is having fun at National champs fighting for the spots behind Gwin and Harmony.

What’s A Shovel?



Notice how in this video Chris Powell is credited, among other things, as Trail Builder.

But Lopes, in the only video he has ever put on youtube, exhibits rare modesty and makes no such claims for himself that he has ever picked up, or even knows what a shovel is. He’s happy to show up when the work is done on any trail and shred the piss out of it. Despite all the hate, the guy is a really good bike rider. And he kept his shirt on for the whole video, so that’s rad.


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Lack Of Posting Due To Extreme Heat.

Haven’t been posting because it’s too hot to blog, even about something as important as mountain biking. Even non-Brian Lopes people have been seen without their shirts on lately. It’s been that hot.

Maybe if the sun decides to screw off for a bit, there will be more energy left in the day to hate on bikes again.

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It’s true because the internet said so with clever typography.