Pretty much hate mountain biking.

Month: July, 2015

Uncertainty Principle.


BMW and Nicolai bring the world: a German made, belt drive, full suspension, e-bike…


The Heisenberg.

If the uncertainty principle applies, then one riding this bike could know exactly the velocity of you’re being a tool, but not the location of you’re being a tool… or vice versa, but never both pieces of information at the same time.

Either way:


Mottolino Must Suck.


Maybe don’t try selling your mountain bike park as a destination by having a dude ride it in your promo video on a road bike right after a couple of toddlers roll through.

Road Bike Party 1 and 2 were both super entertaining. Trials on a road bike is a dumb novelty but in those videos, it was something fresh and original. This guy’s royalties must be drying up from his few clips in Jib 2 with Thor Wixom so I can’t blame him for this derivative garbage. When your unemployment rate is like 12.5%, you might as well take whatever job some asshole will give you, right?


Slinging The Goods


If you’re going to try and sell the public some silly shit like a whole new batch of “standards” like 27.5+ and all that, then you might as well sell it with an equally silly ass marketing pitch.

Charge and Alex Rankin have done this perfectly here. That bike looks fun in this video. While I don’t reckon I’ll ever be the target demographic for this bike, at least it’s being sold here to kooks and goofballs, and I’ll always appreciate that kind of honesty.

Congrats again on not following the bike industry practice of shitting in your hand and telling us it’s candy.

RIP Marzocchi.


Could this be the last time we hear about Marzocchi dying?


Quadruple Backflip.


Progression means that this will be commonplace at the local skatepark in 20 years and whatever incarnation of Nitro Circus is around then will be quad-flipping a refrigerator on a furniture dolly by then.

Reminds me of this: