Pretty much hate mountain biking.

Month: May, 2015

Red Balls.


Red Bull’s new race:


But seriously, those stairs look steep as shit and I would probably piss my jeans if I tried to ride down them. Good luck to everyone taking part in those high speed damping test sessions.



This is weird as shit. It’s silly and delightful, because it looked like fun to make this. I have basically zero interest in this as a bike or market segment, and I’ll likely not ever be buying one of these kinds of rides. Yet I sat through this video. I can’t stand to sit through almost anything these days because it all looks like it’s trying so god damn hard to be cool.

So refreshing to see something that was aimed squarely at having some fun.

Way to go Alex Rankin and Charge. You continue to slay it.

Full Toddler Status.


If it were not for the spam filter dump that I periodically have to go through in my email, I’d never know a lot of things about this world. Mainly that there are hot single moms in the area that need a good rogering. But also that Trivial MTB turned 3 years old.

Scientists remain unsure why anyone would bother to visit this blog but hey, thanks for stopping by. It’s been a fun ride watching that crazy dude from Montana spew his insanity, a ton of pinkbike commenters shit their pants over something about Gwin’s contract with Trek, and occasionally getting to share a laugh with some like minded industry types.

So yeah, it’s been fun.


And when it wasn’t, well then there were huge gaps between posts.


Here’s to three more years of no one actually giving a hoot about this blog or the minds behind it. Happy trails!

Drift To Sleep.


I cannot wait to see all 17 seconds of really dope drift footage from this video segment. Like the rest of you, I’ll have to sit through the 5 minutes of beautiful but wholly extraneous B-roll, and also cope with how that 17 seconds of rad drifting is going to play back for an eternity thanks to all the speed ramping of that Phantom footage…

Or shit, who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong and it will be much better than a 9:1 ratio of slow-mo to full speed carnage, and race fans will pop tents in their Fox shorts from sea to shining sea?

Breath will not be held though.