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Month: July, 2013

Weekly Rankin Boner.



A mediocre bike saddle is one of the worst things you can have in your life. A horrible saddle you just won’t even entertain so you throw it away which is why there are whole landfills overflowing with Fizik saddles. But a mediocre one, you’ll probably tolerate for a while an just keep justifying that it’s fine for hour long rides but starts to suck for anything longer and blah blah blah and then you’ll just continue to smash your prostate on it for another year.

So the idea of a comfy and well made bike saddle is often under-credited.

But I have one question for Charge… can the new Scoop saddle be used for enduro racing!? Because that’s what matters most and they totally forgot to mention that in the video so as a consumer, I’m not confused as to whether or not that seat is compatible with the future!? A quick reply would be appreciated because the saddle I was using up until just recently that was fine for years, I had to remove and burn because it was sold before the plague of enduro-fever swept the land.


Killer Moves.



Push play on this:

And then watch this for 2 minutes:



Now you’ve had a better day.

Sunday Sunday Sunday.



Behind the scenes of Trivial watching world cup racing:


So Many Channels.


When there’s two big bike events on one weekend where one is a gross world cup track and the other is a bunch of freeriding and enduro stuff, I can tell you which one is not going to get a single click of traffic from me. Hint: I like things that are good and don’t like things that are boring.

Hilarious to read people still talking about Gwin being washed. Oh you, internets.

After you are done changing your pants from the cross-rut Hill clip, maybe you’ll notice how he cuts the switchback in half that everyone else is struggling to shut down and get through smoothly. That kind of stuff is great to see.

Park Traffic.

TrivialMTBLogoDid you think that little kids on razor scooters get in the way at the skateparks?


Bike Parks Suck?



I’m not trying to be a dick here (for once), so when I ask this, I’m genuinely curious:

When was the last time a bike park built a rough, natural, good old fashioned, glory-days-NORBA style downhill trail? You know, the kind where you would pucker your ass watching somebody like John Kirkaldie ripping through some gross section like a tornado of no-fucks-given. The kind where not every single turn is a berm. The kind where there’s no such thing as a table top jump. The kind where there’s a lip to what seems like no where but really the “landing” is a bunch of bomb holes and crooked roots 40 feet down the trail. The kind where any rocks bigger than a marble ball are not swept off the trail every day by slack jawed stoner “trail crew.”

This is fine and all:,22146/Colorado-FreerideFestival,17150

But where can a person ride a lift up and smash down the 2006 Vermont nationals track, the 2004 Idaho Norba track, the 2005 Snowmass track trying to keep up with Dustin Adams. Or what was it, the 2001 Squaw Valley track? I just don’t think things like that are being built anywhere. I hope I’m wrong.

I know there’s a lot of people who think lift operated bike parks are the best thing ever, because they really “help grow the sport” and all that. But grow the sport how? By adding a bunch of wimps who will jump 25 foot tables, but can’t navigate an off camber turn? People who can go 35 mph in a straight line down polished 6+ foot wide trail but can’t do the same thing down the steep section under the lift at the Durango nationals track and make the turn half way down the pitch?

Let’s grow the sport but let’s not do so by breeding namby-pamby wusses.




Well this was really god damn good.

Have A Nice Trip.


You guys hear there’s some kind of famous road race going on lately? It’s in France or something.

Anyway, some dickhead fan tripped some other dickhead fan and they got into a slap fight and that’s a funny thing to see.


Everything Real Big.

TrivialMTBLogoSo that new Scott bike is a weird one. Travel real big, wheels real big, price tag real big… fun had pedaling it uphill still kinda small.


Along with the complete redesign moving away from that stupid pull shock crap and going for a damper that, ya know, the rest of the world uses, they tossed in some bold new graphics which should really help sell the pants off it.

My first impression was, “Hey, they looks like the old Yeti ASR7 only without fetal alcohol syndrome.”


Oh, but wait, they went through the effort of internal cable routing and then left this vestigial appendix mess dangling around:




Going Professional Scraps.



About the worst place that you could ever mount a helmet cam is on your helmet.

The downtube view of the front tire, aside from allowing you to see line selection, is neat because it proves the long held belief that if your front wheel is off the ground, it needs to be turned in order to have fun.

I feel that this video is a breakthrough in riding science akin to Eadweard Muybridge’s tests proving that all of a horse’s feet come off the ground while running. But alas, since it’s just a b-video of go-pro footage, people will soon forget this proof that turn-bars = fun-having.