Pretty much hate mountain biking.

Month: August, 2013

Head Games.



Racing is a mind game.

The real racing begins before you cross the starting line.

So if I can give you one tip to be a better racer, it’s to intimidate the shit out of your competitors as early as possible.





And here comes the Euro-trash.

How many times do you need to put your brand name or logo on a bike? I say 3. Headtube badge and either side of the downtube. That’s it. Anything more than that is like when an arrogant rapper has their name as every 5th word in a song. Here’s how not to do that bullshit care of NS Bikes.



Maybe they wouldn’t have to put their brand name on the bike 8 + times if they weren’t all cut in half by obnoxious, fresh out of school graphic designers.

And speaking of overzealous design, someone please take the wacom tablet away from the insane person who thought this bike was a good idea:

polybarfI guess they went at it with the goal of living up to the brand name of Polygon. What somebody should have told them is that the prefix “poly” means “many” which can mean “just more than one or two” and doesn’t necessarily mean “aborted dodecahedron.” That bike looks like a concept drawing that even Canondale threw away while saying, “Look, we’ve made a triathlon bike with a roller blade boot for a ‘front wheel’ but this is ridiculous. It’s 2014 and we actually have to sell some product here.”


Your Team.



Your team:



Certainly not our team:






It’s impressive how much information can be gleaned from a photo of the outside of a shock by people wizards on the internet.



“Looks like fox is copying …. cane creek/ohlins/rock shox” and that’s just within a few minutes of it being posted. Impressive how Fox managed to copy all those other companies in one single effort, right?

Also impressive is the x-ray vision of the internet peanut gallery used to peer through pixels and into the internal workings of the shock, you know, at the part of the damper that actually matters and does the work.

Weekly Rankin Boner


Fat bikes are weird as shit and obviously so are the people who ride them.

There’s a joke that goes: How can you tell who is a vegan at the party?

… Don’t worry, they will tell you.

Well how can you tell who rides a fat bike at the party?

…. It’s the super weird guy in the corner who hasn’t said anything all night and looks vaguely like a chubby serial killer.

But really, if I lived anywhere near a beach, I’d certainly have to entertain the idea of riding my surf board down to the water with one of these things.

Forced Perspective.


The Trivial team watching your average, run of the mill, news feed clutter of a bike video these days:

forced viewing


Edit- The above is also us having to watch anything about the VMAs.





Hope you all managed to get out there and ride a bike this weekend instead of just blogging about it like a bunch of losers. 



“Every time I show the film — whether it’s to film students at USC or UCLA or I’m going to a festival — that’s always the first question: How did Kermit ride the bicycle? And my stock answer is: I put him on a three-wheeler until he got his balance, and then I put him on the two-wheeler.”  – James Frawley 

The Impossible.

TrivialMTBLogoI always think it’s impossible but if there is one thing worse than Interbike:




It’s Eurobike.

Good lord. The pure garbage the comes creeping out of the woodwork at that show boggles the mind. Imagine all the Enduro kits and parts, all the shitty and unheard of brands and suspension designs, and all the solutions to problems that never existed. And imagine all the techno. It’s enough to make me somehow want to go to Interbike.









This is me going into a rock garden and getting one inch off line:


Your Team, Probably.



You know what’s crazy is how you can’t tell the difference between this cover and the original: