Citation Needed.

by trivialmtb



Look, be cautious of where you are getting your information in life. If you see something on wikipedia and no source is cited, maybe it’s not information you should put in your school book report.

Similarly, if this boner:


Says Gwin is on YT next year, take it with a grain of salt this big:


Because the guy also said (paraphrasing) “Bolt on grips? What a fad. What’s next, bolt on tires? No one will be using these things in a year.”


Seems like the tea leaves and chicken bones were wrong for him on that prophecy.

So what if Gwin is riding for YT next year? Who cares. Are you going to buy one because he gets paid to ride it? Or are you going to swear off the brand’s bikes because Gwin races those? If that’s the criteria for how you go bike shopping, then you are a dipshit.

And maybe Gwin does end up riding for YT next year- and Zap was right:


We’re looking forward to the race season starting just so there’s actual news to read about and we can stop treading water in a sea of Fox News commentary.