Cultural Appropriation.

by trivialmtb



Here we see Phil Atwill, giving us all a good reason to never buy a used bike from Phil Atwill, in a video featuring a pasty white guy from the UK set to ironic traditional intro music swapped out for more contemporary British punk music once the gag is over less than ten seconds in.

Highly entertaining.

Here we see Logan Binggeli being an incredibly talented bike rider while dressing, if not literally then certainly metaphorically/emotionally in blackface, to try and sell any KHS bikes set to music that has nothing to do with Southern Utah and the gag goes on for 5+ more minutes.


For some reason, this starts out with a tracking push into Kevin Aiello’s bike. The stock footage of Logan’s bike was out of the budget due to licensing for the music.

Image of Logan courtesy of Fraser Britton:


At least in this video we get some inclination that Logan realized there is nothing gangster about riding a bike really fast and that the reality of his embodiment of the spirit of Ice Cube is more the present day Cube.


So it’s not really serious but it also doesn’t really work.

Highly forgettable.