The Wait Is Over!

by trivialmtb


Great News.

With the addition of The Green Hornet, Trestle Bike Park now has a well rounded collection of trails ranging from strider-friendly to might-as-well-have-suspension.

The trail crews have been hard at work to build new trail that will open up mountain biking to more families and tourists and that’s great. No sarcasm, that really is a great effort to get new people involved in the sport.

Here’s the thing, most kids with striders have a dad that already rides bikes, so it’s not like that kid is suddenly going to start pumping money into the industry. Sure the family is going to have a better time in Winter Park when the kids can have their fun too while dad rides a bit, mom gets to pretend she likes the alpine slide, and the kiddos get to scoot down a dirt highway. But the kids aren’t going to bring any of their own money into the sport for another ten years, when they get a shitty minimum wage summer job. And by then, mountain bikes will all cost $16,000 and the minimum wage will still be $9.90 an hour.

I don’t know how much it cost to install an 8 lane wide brown highway on that mountain, but I also wonder who signed off on it as a good investment given the projected returns on family vacation spending that it might draw in?


But in the end, green trails are good things. They get people pumped on the sport without making them shit their chamoise and they keep the riff raft off the more difficult trails at bike parks (sort of). But then wait a minute- there aren’t any difficult trails at Winter Park where good riders might run over a goober that bit off more than they can chew anyhow.

There’s a few sketchy jumps that range from way too long to way too short in the same line, some wooden shit to fall off, and some parts of the EWS courses that could ball you up if you were asleep at the wheel, that were already on the mountain back when Manitou was relevant… but there’s no difficult downhill to speak of there.

When will we get news in a video release that trail crews have taken a downhill trail at Winter Park and added rocks, built appropriately scaled jumps, chopped whoops into the hill, and pointed it down something steep for a change?

The wait continues…