by trivialmtb



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We all had a perfectly good through axle standard for big stress applications like 15 years ago with 20X110mm. Then we had a bunch of candy asses come along and demand 15mm axles because it was half a queef lighter, and now all those same tired, old windbags are jumping on the obesity bike wagon, and want fatter this and fatter that to match their growing waistline, and now they are demanding 15X110. And guess what- mountain bikers are probably stupid enough as a whole to vote with their dollars for this ludicrous sewage, and we’ll all be stuck riding this garbage in ten years when the next wave of dipshittery rolls around and demands something like QR135 rear axles for faster wheel swaps to convert their “snow-and-sand” bike to a “gravel grinder” or “cafe cruiser” or “dumb fuck face bike masquerading as a mountain bike” bike.

How about the “engineers” behind this whole idea are taken out back, and put down like a horse that broke its leg at the races?