Back To The Future.

by trivialmtb



Can we collectively take a break from all this exhausting talking about carbon rims and high zoot shocks and shit for a little while, and perhaps agree that sure downhill is about going fast, but it’s also about being a part of a community of rejects and derelicts?

It would seem that the fine folks of New Zealand are ahead of the times by channeling the late 90s/early 2000s with the spirit of this video which was passed along by one of our very few remaining friends.

Maybe you are too young to remember (or too old for that matter) the glory days of the NORBA rounds when half the reason you went to a race was to burn stuff, camp like cavemen, and ride dusty trains so tight during practice that learning the course was moot.

Do yourself a favor and stop giving so much of a shit about all this boring tech dorkery for a bit and remember that we all had a shitload of fun on blown out Fox Vanilla Rx shocks, non-sticky rubber tires, Hayes Mag brakes, and square taper cranks. All that new stuff that we have now is great and I wouldn’t go back to that old garbage for any reason but maybe let’s try burning a couch instead of paying $900+ for a set of mediocre alloy wheels.