Dead News Cycle.

by trivialmtb



It’s a slow news day when this kind of shit makes the news feed:

But luckily it did its part to drive some other good content down into the abyss.

This might be big news for Ibis, but just because some guy rode by a bunch of kale with his headlight on at dawn, does not an adventure make. Come back when the video is of some actual travel and adventure, not just a bunch of dropping the rear wheel in the middle of some turns.

For prime examples of how to present mountain bike adventure, see the recent works of Joey Schusler.

Speaking of Joey-jabronie: talk about shit luck for a season of world cup racing resulting in a pretty sweet deal riding bikes for fun, right? All the stuff he’s been doing the last couple of years is way more rad than peaking as pack-fill at a world cup if you ask us.