Winter Sports.

by trivialmtb



No posts lately because everyone is busy going home for the holidays and listening to their grandparents’ casual racism and trying to not pick fights with parents and siblings about health care, gun control, and economic policy. Oh, what a joyous season this is for everyone! Also, winter weather is pretty much a rock in your shoe and very little bike riding can put any fan of the sport on edge.

Well, enter the solution to a lack of winter riding- the fat bike.

In case you wanted to ever be cold, feel slow, and crash for no good reason, fat bikes offer a keen solution to what ails ya. They essentially open up a whole world of reminiscing about Kranked 2 riding.

No, this post is not one in which we bag on fat bikes again. That topic already feels as tired as say, bagging on Brian Lopes for parking like a dick. This is a post in which we concede that if riding a fat bike is what gets you out in the winter, and allows you to have some fun, and smash out some turns, knife into a few crashes, and generally get your giggle on, then screw it; go ride a fat bike and be a little kid at heart again rather than the curmudgeonly Scrooge of a downhill snob.

Ride the fat bike out to a good battlegroundĀ spot and chuck ice-ladden snowballs at your friends’ faces and crotches, laugh, and enjoy yourself. Don’t take things too seriously, and don’t make too many fat bike videos this winter unless they feature the original cast of some Kranked videos.

Happy holidays. Will resume overgeneralized blanket hating once the lessons of a Christmas Carol wear off.