Effective Slow Motion.

by trivialmtb


When you cut way down on the slow-motion, for one thing, your videos get a lot shorter, which is great because sitting through long web content is rarely something anyone wants to make room for in their busy schedules. There’s a lot of other things to do with your time like check Facebook every six minutes, check instagram every time someone likes your photo, tweet about an itch you had, and blog about your coffee. Add to that the thirty emails you got at work by the time you got back from taking a shit, and actually doing like 45 seconds of real work at your job, and most of your day is gone.

Sitting through a bunch of extraneous slowmo in a bike video just isn’t one of the habits of highly effective people.

But when you do something like start your video off with a slowmo clip of some dude smearing his shoulder off like warm peanut butter on the pavement and then crank out the jams from there on out, you’re using it well.

FBM does a lot of shit right. Mtb folk could take more pages from their book.

In other “bmx is better” news, check out the irony of this dude about getting run over by an ambulance: