Akrigg Rules Again.

by trivialmtb



I have some questions regarding this video:

-How many flats does Akrigg get on that bike?

-Should enduro races have a CX-Bike class- it’s not like it would detract from the credibility of many enduro races anyhow?

-How are Akrigg’s brakes/shifters set up and would that shit work for normal humans or is it like a shred in the drops only type of set up?

-Does having gigantic, pulsating testes get in the way of bunnyhopping?

-How does Victor Lucas like his tea?

-When will we see more tobacco vignette filters in cycling videos?

-What happens to Akrigg’s old bikes? Like does he sell them and if so, who also likes to live dangerously and buys them? Or are they just ridden until they turn into dust and blow away in the breeze and the setting sun?

This was refreshing and while I still do not understand cyclocross, it’s good to know that people are having fun.