Moving Product.

by trivialmtb



The hate mail continues to trickle in from ass-hurt people with differing opinions on the matter of that recent Yeti video. Interesting that anyone would put any stock in the opinions of Trivial MTB given the almost total irrelevance of the staff within the mountain bike industry.

Some comedian (I want to say it was Bill Cosby maybe?) said that the best way to not be funny is to try to make everyone in the room laugh. You’re not going to please everyone and putting a creative work of yours on the internet for the world to see is inherently going to invite people with different taste to shit on your efforts- or at least fart at them.

So when I say that the video is beautifully shot and that the riding in it was world class, I mean that. And when I say that the song and how it was edited was the equivalent of a ballon deflating as it shoots across the room, I mean that it’s absolutely not how I would have envisioned the project being delivered. It’s not mine to deliver though. I did none of the work to make that thing become a thing in the world.

I get why the video is the way that it is. I get why the punch-in cuts feel cool. I get why the young-sounding-but-not-too-edgy music was used. It’s because you have to sell bikes. You have to sell a shitload of bikes with 6 shocks to the masses to keep business booming and keep funding the future of more videos to be made in house by the brand.

I can see why it makes sense to cut the video in the style of the times with music that goes down easy, considering this is the average Yeti customer:


The cool image of a brand are the top racers they support and the few dedicated actual badasses that love the company for some reason. This applies to any bike company. But the reality is that a significant portion of the money coming in is being spent by the kind of well intentioned doofus that has a couple of smartphones and a bluetooth speaker on his bars to go with the trail running shoes and basketball shorts for a couple days a year of lift riding and fuddy-duddy-ing around on the two closest trails to his office.

That guy uses up one of his remaining bi-monthly boners to get excited when a new Yeti video comes out and to him, it doesn’t matter that he never got to see a real-time playback shot of Graves shredding trail to some fast punk/metal music. That guy drools over his keyboard for the b-roll of a steamy tree branch after a rain shower and a close up of a rear tire skipping through a turn full of loose dirt. That guy’s woodrow is at full attention for a swooping jib shot through some trees in a way that he hasn’t experienced since College.

So yeah, that guy, the one who purchased his very expensive bike from a shop at full retail, that guy loved the Graves in Kootenays video and he’ll buy another Yeti because of it. So the video is effective and it did its job of moving product.

Who cares if it only moved me to the couch for a nap.

Looking forward to the next Proven Here video, I’m certain it will look great.