Sack of Suck.

by trivialmtb



Just read some press release about how Syntace will be offering a lower cost version of their wide wheelsets next year. Interesting.

They got there with the same rims, silver spokes, and cheaper hubs. Silver spokes, sure, who cares but how much could that save on a wheel cost? Cheaper hubs, sure, if it actually cuts the cost down, then I can see that being a corner worth cutting. So what’s the end result?

The wheelsets still start at about $1000 and the crappy hubs have 18 engagement points. Yes, the same as an LX hub from 1997.


This is the “nicer” version of the wheels, all black adds 300 bucks.

It’s 2014/15 here. Why does a hub with only 18 engagement points even exist? Never mind how the hell does a wheel set with that kind of sorry excuse retail for a thousand dollars?

If you spend that kind of money on that kind of wheelset then you do not deserve to have one thousand dollars. You do not deserve to vote or reproduce either.

Maybe I’m just so out of the loop that I sound like your grandpa telling you about how back in his day, candy bars only cost a nickel and a tug job from a professional would only run you two bits. But does $850 still buy you a set of Hope hubs laced with DT spokes to some decent Mavic rims, hand built by your local shop? Is that still a thing? Because if so, then every company trying to sell wheels for over a thousand dollars with sorry ass hubs and rims that are still basically disposable needs to be called out for being the butt darts that they are.

Or screw it, maybe the consumer has voted with their dollar and we are getting exactly what we deserve.