by trivialmtb



It’s taken me a while to catch up on the latest and greatest mountain bike videos, because frankly, it’s hard to give a crap right now.

But The Robots are certainly not alone in the likely unpopular opinion that this video from Yeti is a real yawner.

The song used was hopefully free, because that came across like a watered down version of water. It’s a shame that any attention that was placed on the sound design of the piece was undercut by a song that feels like a computer imitating a snowboard bro-video.

And it’s a shame that the editing felt like a “look at me!” plea for attention so loud that I couldn’t enjoy the beautifully shot footage of one of the world’s best bike riders in one of the world’s greatest bike riding locations. We get it, Craig, you took some online editing course or read a book about Premier Pro or something… neat. Let’s see you tone it down and maybe allow for a shot to play out uninterrupted on screen for once. Just because you shot on a Red does’t mean you have to post-punch in for a close up half way through every cornering shot. The editing of this is the high brow equivalent of putting every instagram filter on a single photo and calling it sophisticated.

Usually Yeti videos are pretty great, but this one missed the mark big time for these Trivial idiots.