It’s Always Sunn-y In France.

by trivialmtb



Sunn is back and they brought with them all the travel needed to win World Champs in 1997 by the looks of it.



Half of the rear travel seems to come from the leaf spring suspension seat post built into the frame but that has a lockout feature in which you put a wattle bottle in there. Why they didn’t go with a Lefty fork to match the apparently Righty swing arm is beyond me. Well, no I guess then they would have only been able to mount one front brake then and that shit don’t party. Clearly this bike was never meant to be ridden or they wouldn’t have put those Hutchinson tires on it. Should anyone attempt to ride this thing, they would double flat on the first pebble they encountered. The 23 inch chainstays are probably stable up to three hundred miles per hour though, right?

Wait, is that what this bike is for? Some stupid world speed record attempt? Hence the stupid low seat, dual front brakes, the “there is no reason to turn this bike” stem length, and no other discernible functionality?

But I tell you what, a belt drive gearbox drivetrain is interesting.

I get that this is probably a “concept” bike and those aren’t always intended to be realistic, but this thing looks like an impractical vision of the future in the vein of flying cars and robot butlers.

Welcome back, Sunn. Looking forward to the real effort.