The Ridge.

by trivialmtb



Stu Thomson and the Cut Media folks have proven before that they know what is up. This should put big old boner in your traveling pants and lift Skye to somewhere near the top of your list.

Tourism boards around the world that want to show off their turf should take note- this is how you make people want to lust after your destination. This is money well spent.

Other “filmmakers” should also take note- this is how you shoot aerials. Spending a thousand dollars on a flying toy doesn’t mean squat unless you have a narrative thread to hold a piece together. Not many people in cycling are using flight options very well but Cut has it locked down. Remember that shot from the Hannah Barnes video on the beach? Yeah, follow Cut’s example if you can keep up.

If smoking Peaty by 15 seconds is on your list of lifetime achievements, regardless of sarcasm or the weather, then you’re already a god damn slayer. But stacking films like this on top of that… good gravy, Stu Thomson, you’re the man.

Oh yeah, Danny’s riding was pretty alright too. Holding my breath for half of that, because I was out of my mind nervous.

Amazing work, everyone.