Rampage Announcers.

by trivialmtb



Way to go.



Red Bull sure spent a lot of money putting on an event the size of Rampage between the whole production, event crew, permits, marketing, media coverage, and insurance just to have a couple of grade F dildos announce the event.

I know Cam McCaul is a Rockstar athlete but he’s also free riding mountain biking’s golden retriever and he would have known something interesting about all the riders, the tricks they were going for, and their achievements outside of their list of injuries.

Nikoli Rogatkin would have at least had an interesting perspective to share from the announcer’s mic having only ridden squishy bikes a few times prior to coming to the event. And squid-lid or not, that dude sounds about 600% more articulate in interviews than most of the other mouth breathing simpletons riding in any branch of our sport.

For that matter, any two fans on the hillside would probably have also made for better announcers.

Next time you go Rampaging, Red Bull, remember that audio matters. You can’t just blow your budget wad all on Freeride Entertainment’s 4k Phantom footage.