People Are Different. (?!)

by trivialmtb



The other day, I was riding down the bike path when I saw, up in the distance, some youths carrying a couch with a pile of laundry on it and laughing their asses off. I thought, “That’s odd. I wonder why those ragamuffins are porting that couch about town in this dreadful heat, and why ever are they so happy about it?”

Then as I got closer, I could see that it was not a pile of laundry perched on the couch they were carrying, but it was actually a hispanic dwarf wearing a relatively  even more oversized than normal sombrero. And all three of them were having a grand time- or excuse me, a gran tiempo perhaps. All of them spotted my reaction at the same time as I rode past this scene:



It was one of those moments in life where I fully expected a hidden camera crew to spring forth from the bushes and capture my befuddlement. But that never happens when you see some really wackadoo shit, does it? The reality was that I just continued to ride my bike to the grocery store, because I was all out of bananas, and the universe never granted me the answer of why those teenagers were carrying around a dwarf in a sombrero on a couch, as if he were some little Roman emperor, sweating their giggling asses off the whole time.

They appeared happier than I can recall ever being as an adult myself, so something must be working for them.

All of this is to say that Brian Lopes could possibly be a narrow minded fool.


Maybe other people have different priorities in life and they might not match up to yours. Maybe not everyone wants to have a Sprinter that takes up multiple parking spaces everywhere they go, not everyone wants to own a tortoise for a pet, and maybe not everyone wants to live your life, Mr. Lopes.

If all I had in life was a guitar, some sweet tattoos I was pumped on, and a dog to keep me company, I’d probably be content. That’s not to say I’d be without problems. But at least I wouldn’t be worried about who spray painted my turtle while abbreviating the word “be” down to “B”… stay fast, stay relevant, trim the fat… right, Bri?

Or maybe I’m just reading this wrong and there’s actually not a hint of sarcasm in that tweet and he really is stating that living a simple life is great. Perhaps he’s genuinely asking how these people go about the process.

R U curious?