by trivialmtb



Sometimes in cycling, I’ll see a thing like this:



And I’ll think that it’s for sure some kind of joke and it’s just a really nice computer render. But then it never is. It’s a real thing.


It’s great that someone is a skilled craftsman and is capable of making a thing like that, but then actually going and making a thing like that is a different beast. I can’t help but think of this excellent short with David Rees when a custom randonneur rocking chair comes across my radar.

You can sit in any old chair. Hell, you can even sit on the ground. But then some people out there are taking chairs to a whole new frivolous level that you never even thought about.

Look. That chair doesn’t have to justify itself to me. It’s arguably “art” and art doesn’t have to justify its existence.

But I will say that when my mind gets blown by that kind of, frankly, trivial type of shit, I’m glad that people like Sanjay are out there maintaining the balance in the universe and blowing my mind in the opposite direction:

Riding a little scooter and dragging your bike and hiking the globe for years is pretty much the opposite of sitting in a really expensive cycling themed rocking chair. I guess they both have their merits? I’ll certainly be rooting for one over the other.

Sanjay rules.