Boring Me To Death.

by trivialmtb



Well this whole ten man, one downhill track concept for racing would be sweet if they included both parts. They barely got ten men, now they just need a downhill track.

Maybe they tried to follow the Mt Snow school of thought on track designs by just weed whacking the grass and putting up tape 15-25 feet wide? Well that works when you’re at Mt Snow, and you beat the piss out of the lines with hundreds of riders for several days. In fact, that makes for some of the best downhill racing money can buy. But where that doesn’t work is whatever anthill these guys are on and by adding “jumps” that are just wedges to nothing.

Watching this made me fall into a deep, lush sleep. The kind of sleep you normally only get from having surgery.

Here’s the scene from the sidelines at the race: