Handlebars Of Tomorrow!

by trivialmtb



Some guy I’ve never heard of did a flip thing that I’ve never heard of and it was allegedly a big deal. So I watched the video:

And I found it odd that he runs the same bar set up on his dirt jump contest bike as a 65 year old man runs on his bike path crusher from Performance:



Oh, except when he’s holding the bike over his head in triumph.

I get it. It’s hard to do that trick and you need the bar ends with the jizz rags wrapped around them to do it. Congrats on doing a thing. I’d still rather watch Chase do a plain old, down home cookin’ 360 over any jump than all of that other spastic contest shit. Remember that time Mike Aitkin won that Dew Tour dirt contest without  flipping once? Ah, the good old days of 2008.

Here’s another example of handlebars being made to look silly in the name of progress:

That spot looks familiar because you’ve seen Chris Akrigg ride a bicycle there. Now you’ve seen a pogo stick with upside down and inside out handlebars ride there, too. The size and technical difficulty of what that dude is doing probably doesn’t come across on video all that well. What is clear is how entertaining Akrigg has made that spot look for a decade and how I yawned so hard a minute into this video that I hurt my jaw.