Yeah, Obviously.

by trivialmtb



Tomac bikes is shutting down.

Everyone’s reaction to this shocking news was, “Wait, Tomac was still a bike brand selling bikes? Like bikes- plural? Wow.”


In other news, EuroBike has turned up plenty of crimes against humanity which the Robots have already covered.

But perhaps the stand out in the crowd was this Met helmet that apparently took its design cues from Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.






Let’s just hope that in the last 15 years, they have figured out how to make a bolt on face guard better than the Giro Switchblade.


Or we’re going to be seeing a lot more enduro racers walking around looking like Darkman.





And finally, Crank Brothers have revised their bafflingly popular Mallet pedals to include a black option. This is a good decision since it only requires a batch of anodizing, and will drum up some new profits from people who don’t want to run red pedals. Nothing will be done, however, to address those who want to run pedals that don’t do shit like this on a regular basis:



Oh and here’s your new shock absorbing enduro grips, ya dorks.