Honesty in Advertising. Sort Of.

by trivialmtb



Anyone ever notice the refreshing honesty in the Kenda pre-roll ad video that shows up on Vital all the time?

It both starts and wraps up with a flat change in 15 seconds, so in that sense, it’s pretty accurate to the experience of riding a Kenda tire.



The obvious joke here is that Crank Brothers could do a pre-roll ad of their own in this same style, in which a person sits for the whole 15 second ad on hold with the warranty department.


iXS could also do one with Richie Schley in black and white with weird music in the style of stereotypical German experimental cinema, in which he squeezes blood from a prop turnip onto a paycheck and then a monkey in the corner claps together tiny little cymbals.



Enve could also make one that’s just the start of Duck Tales where Scrooge McDuck dives into the pool of gold coins, hops out, wipes down with a towel made of hundred dollar bills, and then jumps onto an $11,000 bike and takes a duck-shit on a poor person.



Yeti could wrap it up with an ad where a guy drinks a tall glass of koolaid, and then gets on his bike with 6 shocks and promptly falls over dead at the Tribe Gathering.