For Adventure Sake

by trivialmtb



This is one of the best damn mountain bike videos you’ll see this year.

I don’t know how to embed a pinkbike video and I couldn’t track it down elsewhere so just go there and watch the thing. Then watch it again.

Then imagine how pants-full-of-shit the IMBA reaction to the video would be if they watched it at their next board meeting…

Actually, that already happened and we have acquired exclusive footage of IMBA’s reaction to all the fun having contained in this video by Jeff. See below:

Pedal balls. Splash through creeks. Blast jumps. Camp cook. Enjoy the view. Repeat. That’s the good life right there. Let’s just give Chris Akrigg a lifetime Shreddy award by default so he’s out of the runnings in an otherwise rigged contest, but then let’s just give this Herberston video the real trophy for the year because this was the jam.

Seriously. It’s like you go through these now cliche motions of, “Oh, truck camping, making some eggs and coffee, kind of daintily walking the bike across a stream, climbing shot…  that’s all pleasant I guess… alright… BLAMO!!!! BLASTING INTO A HILLSIDE WALLRIDE NOT MEANT TO BE HIT LIKE THAT. EXPECTATIONS OUT THE WINDOW. YES. YES. YES.”


Yup. That’s refreshing.

This isn’t “enduro” or anything. This is just mountain biking.