Bike Commuting.

by trivialmtb



What starts out as a hippie-dippy-doo type article about how you shouldn’t generalize a whole group based on a few experiences, ends up being a well thought article with some solid points to be made by the end.

Mainly that your idea of behavior that is acceptable in a car world is not acceptable in a bike world only because you’ve been normalized to the car is something I think a lot of people miss. There are parts of my city where I just won’t drive if I can avoid it because of the outright chaos on the streets every time I’ve ever been there. Putting a person inside of a steel cage of a car grants them immunity to being considerate of other humans outside that box somehow. I feel my life threatened all the time in cars.

That being said, I usually feel my life threatened most times I ride a bike, mostly due to the imminent risk of falling off a cliff, scraping all my flesh off on sharp rocks, or rapid deceleration by immovable trees. So when I ride my bike to the grocery store, I’ve got half a lifetime of normalized perception that everything is trying to kill me on my bike and so traffic doesn’t seem so bad.

Most people don’t have this background experience so the thought of riding a bike to commute rightfully fills their pants with shit.

Point is, whether you like it or not, people are going to lump you into a much bigger group when they see you out in the world. So try not to be a dick about it. When it comes to what rules you should be following on your bike about stop signs or in a car passing some doofus roadie, just imagine if you saw someone else doing that thing and if you would think they were a turd for doing it… isn’t that the golden rule in life?