by trivialmtb



Dusting off the social media for the first time in a while resulted in a steady stream of targeted advertising, thinly disguised as slideshows, based on what my idiot “friends” click on all day in their cubicles. So it got me to thinking, maybe this blog would be a lot more popular if it featured quick and easily consumable articles that people will want to share all over the place. Lists seem to work so here’s some crap we might work on in the future when we really need those juicy ad dollars:

-22 reasons that enduro race sucked, spoiler alert- 18 of them were how much pedaling there was

-29 things only an upper-middle-class white guy will understand about putting his 29er on his audi’s roof rack

-7 mountain bike products guaranteed to change your life by killing you

-2 parking spaces taken up by Brian Lopes at any given trailhead or venue

-11 French racers who are not Fabien Barel giving the same interview in a video

-1001 songs used by the Parkin brothers that were better than the stock of shit they have to use on Red Bull’s label

-16 times you “almost died” on your race run

-5 racers seen in their race kits at the grocery store near the race venue

-99 problems Gee Atherton has with smiling on camera

-72 warranty calls made to Crank Brothers by 10am

-8 trends that you’re too old for

-4 reasons 4x is a freak show for eastern europeans

-36 times you should run over a hiker to get your KOM

-5 organs you don’t need and should sell to pay for a modern high end bike

-53 randomly selected people off the street taking more original photos than Fraser Britton

-9 racers screwed over by Yeti