More Like Ass Knuckles.

by trivialmtb



Did you know that Speedplay is still a company? They are.

Did you know that they make flat pedals and not just super light clip pedals that are really super light because the clip is on your shoe instead of on the pedal which was always a heck of a marketing stunt to claim your pedals are super light because you just switched where the cleat and the clip were located?

Did you know that their flat pedal is called the Brass Knuckle and there are four little holes in the platform on either end that look like little sets of brass knuckles because when I think pedals, I think dirty street fighting tools?

Did you know that their flat pedal with a ti axle and polished finish retails for $350?


Did you know that a set of Burgtec Mk4s with ti axles is only 3oish grams heavier, doesn’t have a gimmicky cnc cutout that followed after the cutesy name of the model, and costs about $100 less?

Final question: does Speedplay understand that polished platform pedals are a bad idea because polished metal surfaces are really slippery when wet, which is kind of the time when flat pedals hold an advantage over clips in performance?

Bonus question: Does anyone buying $350 polished Speedplay flat pedals actually matter? No. They are irrelevant to the species and should be pushed off into the ocean on one of the three remaining icebergs.