More Gooder.

by trivialmtb



As I was watching this recently posted video of Cam Wood, I was thinking about how the whole experience would have greatly benefited from certain filmmaking elements including but not limited to:

-being shot in at least 4k resolution for web/dvd distribution

-300 fps slow mo

-30’+ jib shots

-dodecahedro-copter aerials

-Movi-cam/steadicam following shots

-more procedural shots of him getting dressed to go ride

-product/sponsor shots, how am I supposed to know what to buy after watching this?

-a “day in the life of” story line

-exotic or perhaps unexplored/unexploited third world country location complete with portraiture shots of locals, respectfully confused by the presence of the production

-voiceover explaining why he loves riding bikes

-some god damn Imagine Dragons song or whatever

As it turns out, you can just get a shitty old Sony VX, stuff it into a backpack wrapped in a t-shirt, and deal with SD tape media, and shoot clips at noon or dusk in the shitty light, and if your lens captures a dude shredding the piss out of things with a smile and a stoner’s giggle, the resulting video will kick major ass.

This doesn’t just apply to BMX. This can still work in mtn biking. I’m not saying all the Anthill and New World “progress” in film making is worthless, but just because some other boners with a budget raised the bar doesn’t mean you can’t have more fun than they did and limbo right under it while making something infinitely more enjoyable to watch in the process.