More DH Races.

by trivialmtb



Now I’m not saying that Enduro as a whole sucks (most of it does by the way) because that last round of coverage had some cool stuff…

But Richie Rude’s talents are being wasted.


I get it that Yeti is trying to get a leg up on their competitors with a strong enduro presence and that when they went to their gypsy business planners, the chicken bones and tea leaves read that enduro was the future… invest in enduro… take your junior world champ and have him race on little bikes.

Look, when you’re Jared Graves and you’ve killed it at just about everything else with wheels, you can go kill enduro and not be “a washed up dh racer looking to extend your career” and hell, even if you are a washed up dh racer trying to capitalize on a career extension, good for you for paying your bills. But when a young gun that can rack up top 30s in world cup dh racing gets put on the enduro bench, that just seems like squandered potential to me. Maybe in 5 years I’ll be eating my shoe when Richie Rude is buying his third home off the paychecks brought in by enduro racing, sleeping soundly knowing he is deeply satisfied with how things turned out.

Or maybe Yeti just needs someone to break a whole pallet of carbon triangles every week for “testing” … I don’t know.