XCE Was A Thing? Still?

by trivialmtb



I was shocked to read the news that XC Eliminator was going to be cancelled by the UCI, because I thought it had been cancelled already five years ago. Now you may be thinking, “But XCE wasn’t even around five years ago, you idiot.”

But that’s just how little I (or anyone else) gave a shit about it.

It’s good to read this: “UCI does still wish to continue to crown a World Champion in the discipline, much like it still does for 4-cross”

The UCI is certainly happy to keep on bestowing the world champ title on a thing that they don’t support in any way though. That’s generous and cool of them.


Look at those packed sidelines for another thrilling event of “staring at spandex asses in the rain” … hard to believe such a fan favorite idea will meet such a hasty end.