Not Sure If Serious.

by trivialmtb



I can’t tell. It’s not over-the-top enough for me to be sure that this isn’t serious. It’s clearly kidding at points but kind of kidding on the square.

But what bothered me the most about this whole thing was the lie sold here:

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.37.02 PM

“Don’t worry guys, I made enough Moab burritos for everybody.”

No. You didn’t.

Look, a few seconds earlier:

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.35.34 PM

There’s only two left. The lazy art department just used wads of foil to fake like there was more in the bucket. So is the chef leaving himself out of the count? Is he that selfless? Or did he just mean “there are enough Moab burritos for all the bike riders”… ? The sound mixer clearly wasn’t fed and starved to death, because the audio in this video was abandoned like a step-child in the woods. And I’m not sure if the Moab burrito is ironic enough for that one guy’s mustache. And if the other dude was being honest with himself, he really just needs a tortilla wrapped around a big bottle of sunscreen before he catches fire in the Utah sun.

And the writer needs to check their priorities because that one gal broke rule numero uno in women’s mountain biking by crashing pretty much right on her tits and those bros kept going because Burritos > Boobs > Well being of another human being.

And in all of the mountain biking mecca, could they have not scrounged up a better bike than a Jamis?

Whatever. I’ll probably eat one the next time I’m out there.