They’re Making The Talkies These Days.

by trivialmtb



Why has it taken this long for someone to put a wireless lav on the guy standing on top of the podium so that we can actually hear what’s happening up there instead of just watching slow-mo champagne sprays for the hundredth time?,25448/sspomer,2

Hell yes, Parkins! That’s progress. It’s almost as if you dudes have made some movies before. Keep up the good work and maybe we can all forgive you for selling out to Red Bull. (just kidding, we all know you sold out years ago you rich show-offs with your caviar and your big vocabularies)

Edit- “They’re” indeed… that’s what I get for posting from my phone and not paying attention to what the auto-correct is doing to shit in my pants. God dammit. That’s cardinal grammar sin.