Innovate Or Whatevs.

by trivialmtb



Rarely have we seen such a rushed to market, under-designed mess of a bike than this Specialized Stumphumper Evo.


The head angle is steeper than the good 26″ model while the Nomad, Tracer, Slash, etc are all going the right way and slacking like a bunch of stoners in high school. The headset needs to be spaced out to accommodate the stupid 29er version stack height. The bottom bracket is dragging on the ground, which would be fine if you were riding this for nothing but flat turns in a dirt parking lot but not for stuff like, you know, mountain biking.

I don’t even want to know what the suspension curve is like if all the rest of the bike is cobbled together out of existing patchwork. The Bronson and the SB75 were rush-jobs too (and over a year ago I might add), but at least you have to know some basic shit about shredding suspension to bring out the flaws in those bikes. This Evo is a turd before it even hits the toilet water. I’d say the obvious joke about “more like Stumpjumper Devo” but I wouldn’t want to offend Mark Mothersbaugh.

His face says it all.

Hopefully the consumer dollar calls out this one for the BS that it is and everyone scrambles to snatch up the excellent 26″ version of this bike.

It was also pointed out that the Specialized marketing reaction to the backlash has basically been, “Whatever. You idiots asked for it.” So at least they got one thing right about the bike.