by trivialmtb


Got a question for you because I really don’t know: When was the last time you used a phillips head screwdriver on your bike?

For me it was installing those crappy bar plugs that ODI was running back in like 2008. I guess I used one when removing the reflectors from a new bike at some point since then but a hammer also works for that task. And don’t say limit screws because they all have either a 3mm or the flat blade through the head on every derailleur I’ve run for over a decade.

So why then would any tool maker have a pocket tool with a god damn worthless phillips head screwdriver in it?

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.19.32 PMIt’s more common than you would think to find compact pocket tools with “just the essentials” type of specs coming with the cross headed waste of space.

Or am I just taking crazy pills here, and everyone else is going around bolt checking phillips screws on their bike every other ride?

What is going on out there? What is real?