Yawn Factory.

by trivialmtb



The reason for a lack of updates lately is that the mountain bike industry has been a barren wasteland of interest lately. Everyone is blue-balling themselves for the inevitable Sea Otter releases, and it doesn’t seem like our place to leak stuff- at least stuff that we’re actually excited about.

So let’s recap what has happened lately that has barely kept us from slipping into a deep, dark coma.

-Rock Shox is releasing an inverted fork for the XC race crowd. Cool, who gives a shit.

-Brian Lopes and Ibis parted ways and everyone in the known universe made the same joke to themselves about the improved parking situation at Ibis HQ and went on to ponder what trench in the margins he would go on to excavate a few more paychecks from.

-Chris Akrigg released a cyclocross video that confirmed both that A- Chris Akrigg is a better bike rider than just about anyone and B- that we personally have zero  interest in cyclocross riding.

-Intense got their shit together in a big way, released a frame that everyone should totally want, and then promoted it with a video of Kovarik riding to music that couldn’t be any less metal. I guess the frame isn’t much very metal these days either so perhaps that’s just a metaphor that was missed at first glance.

-New Zealand became the best place in the world to be according to the media.

-XO1 DH became a neat thing. Meanwhile, entire landfills are overflowing with Reverbs and Avid brakes.

See, nothing much worth talking about. And that previous post only just turned 15. Still not even able to drive alone.

If you want to join us, the Trivial crew will be digging dirt jumps until something worthy comes along to hate. BYO-Shovel: