Fanny Fudge Packing.

by trivialmtb


Specialized gets some credit for trying zany things that most people consider useless, but a few people out there will think is genius.

SWAT may be the hidden gem for the rare demographic out there that just hates backpacks. I’ve only met a few of these people in my time but they are a staunch crowd. I once saw a guy curb stomp his riding buddy’s camelbak at a trailhead. Another time this guy burned a cross in the front lawn of Osprey and told them their kind wasn’t welcome ’round these parts. We’re talking backwards ass bigoted hate.

For the rest of us, the SWAT system is a great way to look like you have a very poorly treated case of scoliosis or lower back hunch, to drink hot water from a sweaty nozzle, and allows you to crash on a bunch of hard tools.


You know what else accomplishes this?



At least there will be another 100% effective birth control method on the trails soon, as if being a dude who rides mountain bikes in a real serious way wasn’t already vagina repellant enough.