by trivialmtb


In the news this week, Shimano is releasing an electronic hood ornament that appears to be capable of vignetting its own mount or lens or something, and it sure looks crappy so hopefully they tone down the angle of view just a few degrees for production:



Luckily, not all the shots in their promo video feature such shabby looking optics. Who knows, maybe they are going for the whole “standard def Sony VX with Death Lens skate video look circa 2001” for hardcore street cred.

They also are placing its bulbous lens front and center where it will be at the best possible position to accrue some damage from any little thing such as a crash, tree branch rushing by, your own stupid hands, or just storing the unit while not in use:




I guess the point of all these optics features is that this hood ornament is not primarily a camera, but rather a “training tool” meant to be integrated with your Di2 plastic bike toys and not an actual thing for collecting good looking images.


In other news- Mad Catz racing is “taking a break” for 2014 because things just aren’t going that well lately, and all parties involved need to just take a step back and maybe figure out who they are outside of the relationship… it’s not you, it’s me. And well, it’s a little bit you. Look, we need to take a break.

Outside reactions to this have included:

“Good riddance”

“That was a pretty good team in Earthed 1 when they were shredding Bromont.”

and “Wait. Mad Catz was still a thing?”