Hugs For Our Fans.

by trivialmtb


Looks like some traffic spike came from pinkturd recently. Closer inspection of the native home of the Internet Bike Illuminati revealed a fan of Trivial MTB:

sherbetdrinkshisownpeeNot sure if anyone here at Trivial Headquarters has ever had the distinct pleasure of meeting this delicious “sherbet” fellow from Canada but it’s doubtful. For one, he’s Canadian, and we have no occasion to meet those friendly folks, really. For another, his little avatar is some kind of magical floating, prolapsed anus, leaking on a cold blooded serial killer of a deer. That’s some weird shit, and we tend to not associate with people who are into that kind of thing- no kink-shamming here, just it’s not our thing. Also, for more actual evidence, he assumes there’s one dude writing the endless tomes of this blog, and reaches even farther with his denim clad arm to assume that this one dude is a “straight tool”…



Would a straight tool look like this wrenching on his sweet new enduro bike?

OhGirlPleaseI think not.

The defense rests. Checkmate.