by trivialmtb


Helmet cams suck. It’s dreadfully unfortunate that all the moto guys have to wear hood ornaments these days and the cameras never seem to do anything in mountain biking any justice. That McGarry run at Rampage was one of the only cases of helmet cam (or chest cam or whatever) looking as grosser than a ballsack.

This footage from Strobel is nasty and he’s hauling ass but I can’t help but wonder how much tighter my grip would have been on the armrests of my chair if these trails were shot by the likes of say… Alex Rankin. (Please someone shoot a handheld, fast panning, trackside standing video of this with Luke and set it to something like The Misfits)

Luke Strobel is a stud for making the chest-mount look as good as it did.

Oh also, that is enduro training right there… go ride your trail bike and slash the pants off berms and stomp the piss out of big jumps and just generally have some guts to do gnarly shit.