Recap Of New(s)

by trivialmtb



It’s a new year and most things are still terrible in the same old boring 2013 ways so big whoop. Let’s see, what happened since we last spoke?

A1 went off without a hitch meaning that tens of thousands of bros packed the fudge in Angel stadium to make sure they were there, in-person, to see Stewart quit after slaying it too hard.

Rich Houseman totally got snubbed in the Shreddie Awards for “Gross Mismanagement of Gwin’s Career/Worst Press Release Formatting And Spell Checking”… no surprises there though, the ballots for those things are so rigged it’s not even funny.

That whole Roubaix/Specialized thing got settled out, and just as predicted, everyone in social media stopped giving two shits about a thing that ten seconds ago was the worst offense since genocide.

Crank Brothers has been moved from the ICU to a regular room in the hospital after their full body, third degree burn taken on when Team Robot simultaneously set them on fire to their crib while taking home the only MTB Blogging Pulitzer that will ever be awarded.

Snow sucks.

And I found out that this water bottle exists, so maybe I need 6 of them despite the fact that I haven’t taken a swig of water from a bottle on a ride since I was 14 and didn’t know what a camelbak was.