by trivialmtb



Cut Media is the jam.

They made a bike video about a female rider without sexing it up the whole time. Oh, and did we mention the video is over 26 minutes long, and I sat through it twice? How did they go about this feat of wizardry when I can’t even be bothered to sit through most shredder-dude videos for two minutes? Basically they just showed her riding her bike, playing music, enjoying some food and friends, enjoying the sights… you know- like a human being. Amazing. I can identify with getting lost, going on rides hours longer than planned, and road trip adventures. You know what I can barely identify with is being TrickBot5000, programed with the sole purpose of tailwhipping and barspinning everything in the world even if it means ugly landings and temper tantrums.

Hannah Barnes seems like a super cool person and this week long adventure looked awesome. And not just bro-brah awesome. Like AWE-some. You see some of those views in the countryside? Holy shit. Good move, tourism board. I want to go to there.

And I’m just going to put this out there that the whole go-pro drone warfare battle is over and Northwest won with this shot:

hannahwhoaSo everyone else can just give up and stop using aerials now. The best has been had.

Big thumbs up to Stu for his hard work in directing projects like this and Imaginate and Industrial Revolutions and everything else. Not many people can say they smoked Peaty by 15 seconds… and then made all those projects. Looking forward to what’s next from you, Stu.