Turd Bucket.

by trivialmtb


The only hope that this company has of selling a single unit of this cockamamy idea is if they advertise it as being “TranzX-ual!”


And a slogan like, “If only changing everything could be done so easily with the push of a button…” or “At least your bike saddle placement can be corrected without hormone therapy, unlike your genitalia…”

And seriously, if you’re only going to show a digital render of your stupid idea, at least make it look sleek and small and futuristic like most concept drawings of digital-y things. Who would want a full sized Nashbar saddle bag on the head of your seatpost and a pager from the mid-90s on your bar next to- wait, hold the phone, is that a Shimano STI mountain bike shifter/lever? Oh lord, that explains it. They are not only into overly complicated, bad ideas, they are also almost ten years behind the times.

It all makes sense now.

Good luck with that company, I’m sure it will be a huge success: