Dee Vee Yo Likes Green Things.

by trivialmtb


Let me first say that I’m all for the DVO fork being out there. Inverted forks have been cool to me since the original black and red Dorado, with rare exceptions like Risse Racing Bigfoots and Hannebrink Death-to-your-face-forks.

And I also get that you can’t just go and release all your testing numbers out there for your competitors to google up (they should at least buy your fork to ruin it on their own machines).

But this testing video never really showed the fork being released from the stress loads. There was the one wiggle test that showed full cycles, but the impressive looking, nearly a foot of deflection, bending tests didn’t show the release. How bent to shit is your fork after that?

Realistically, how broken is every bone in your body also at that point? In conclusion, neat video that didn’t convince me of anything.